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Disruptive SEO Services in Birmingham

Want online customers to see your business as attractive as Cadbury World? That doesn’t mean that it will happen overnight. But we can make it happen faster than anyone else. As an experienced SEO consultant in Birmingham, Bharat Arpanet brings the best SEO practices to make your business irresistible to customers and Google’s search algorithm.

We will help you forge a robust digital presence using customised SEO strategies that effectively target your audience and bring your business to the top of search engine results.

A Company That Knows What It’s Doing

Your business will only become a brand if a large number of people know and trust your company’s name. In the era of digital, that trust is built on the first page of Google rankings, and we know how to get into that.

Courtesy of working with the best SEO company in Birmingham, you’ll receive a partner that knows how to navigate the fierce SEO battleground to help your business emerge victorious. Our SEO specialists will create an advanced and comprehensive SEO strategy that will take your business all the way to the top organically.

Compete With the Industry Leaders

Bharat Arpanet has extensive experience in helping small businesses stand up to the competition put up by the big industry players. Even if you are a small business, you can attain the top rankings on Google SERPs by working with us, a performance-oriented SEO agency in Birmingham.

You Need SEO That Works in Current Market Conditions

Digital marketing is not a new marketing technique. Companies have used the same methods for years to get in front of consumers online. However, as time progresses, online marketing for your business will need tweaks in order to do better as per the updated ranking algorithms implemented by search engines.

At Bharat Arpanet, a distinguished SEO firm in Birmingham, our SEO team constantly aims to find the best strategy that can give your business the edge in today’s competitive world. With in-depth analysis and business-specific online marketing, we strive to be the driving force behind making you the #1 business on search engine results.

Just give us your company’s vision and marketing goals as the basic ingredients, and we’ll create a long-term, data-backed SEO strategy that will keep reaping exceptional quality leads for you.

Our Work for Our Clients Speaks for Itself

Unlike an SEO company in Birmingham that blows its own trumpet as the ‘best SEO company’ and has nothing to show for it, Bharat Arpanet has always promised reasonable SEO results and delivered on them as well. Our client testimonials and long-term client partnerships are proof.

How have we been able to achieve that? By building and implementing a lucid but planned SEO tactic for your business that uses the best techniques for maximum effectiveness in organic searches.

We constantly ensure that the performance of the SEO strategy we implement is measured in detail to improve on previous benchmarks and provide your customers with a better experience.

You Can Make It Big Even If You Are Small

Small businesses work on a tight budget. They simply cannot spend large amounts of money on online marketing, but they cannot do without it as well. Here comes the need for Bharat Arpanet’s affordable SEO Birmingham services.

Our high-quality SEO solutions, with years of expertise behind their creation, can help your small business scale reliably and quickly and expand revenue sources and customer base.

The bespoke industry-leading SEO solutions we offer our clients have reaped incredible benefits that would not have been possible with any regular run-of-the-mill SEO strategy. Our solutions can boost your web traffic and sales, putting your business miles ahead of your competition.

Our adept SEO team works diligently on elements of focus like on-page SEO, off-page SEO, external linking, link building, schema application, Google My Business, local directories, etc., to push you to the top of organic searches, every time.

Link Building

A critical part of off-page SEO, we use the best backlinking practices to get links to redirect to your site so Google sees your business as a great online authority.

On-page SEO

Once you partner with us as a Birmingham SEO consultant, we’ll make your website SEO-friendly, so your optimised website is visible to everyone in Birmingham and surrounding areas.

Google My Business

Using relevant keywords, accurate business information, and excellent-quality images, we optimise your company’s Google Business Listing.

Structured data

To help Google easily understand the data your website contains and classify it into the appropriate category, our SEO team optimises the schema data.

We Have Technical SEO Wizards as Part of Our Team!

Yes, the magic they can do for your business’s SEO strategy is nothing short of wizardry. On-page and off-page SEO measures will count for nothing if the technical SEO aspect of your organization’s website is not done properly. When we work with you to offer cost-effective but the finest SEO services in Birmingham, our end-to-end SEO strategy includes qualified technical SEO.

Our technical SEO solutions involve optimising headings, title tags, sitemaps, SSL, schema data, server configuration settings, keyword placement, the robots.txt file, etc. Our personalized SEO solutions are applicable to business websites built on a variety of platforms like WordPress, Magento, and Shopify.

Reliable SEO Solutions for Your Organization’s Success

Becoming a reputed SEO consultant in Birmingham was not an easy road. We learnt from our work with every client and improved upon our previous competencies. With so much experience behind each custom SEO strategy we formulate, you can be sure about getting the most refined and effective SEO solutions.

Keeping Up with the SEO Requirements of Today

Continuous improvement is the name of the game when it comes to SEO. Our team stays updated with the latest Google ranking algorithm updates to formulate a new strategy keeping the new guidelines in mind. We constantly put your business ahead of the competition by putting our best foot forward.

With a perfect blend of effective traditional SEO techniques and modern top rank-obtaining methods, we have made a name for ourselves as the most future-forward SEO agency in Birmingham. Our SEO specialists focus on helping you reap the maximum rewards from your investment in SEO marketing.

Our custom and business requirement-specific SEO plan for your company will include optimisation of your website code, content, and images. Moreover, we’ll also modify your website’s URL structure, text-to-code ratio, and breadcrumb structure.

Code Optimization

We focus on maximising your website’s audience reach and conversion rates. Our SEO team will optimise the code and eliminate any issues to ensure your website is top-quality in Google’s eyes, and subsequently, in the user’s eyes.

Interactive Content

Well-researched and relevant content is the foundation of top organic rankings. Bharat Arpanet makes sure your business website has content published that is precise, engaging, thoroughly informative, and easy to comprehend to bring more traffic and achieve better rankings.


Obtaining quality backlinks from sources like social media, guest postings, and other reliable websites is one of our primary SEO approaches to help your small business gain online authority, attracting quality web traffic.

Image Optimisation

Websites with heavy hi-res images take a long time to load, increasing bounce rate. Hence, we optimise these images to improve site loading speed to reduce the negatives in your SEO strategy and increase visitor traffic.

End-to-end SEO Strategy for Your Business

Effective SEO strategies are not developed by chance. As a renowned SEO company in Birmingham, we thoroughly research your competitors, industry, and keywords that your target audience searches for in order to formulate a potent and personalized SEO strategy.

We carefully craft your business-specific SEO plan and deploy it to get your website to the highest level in Google rankings. Contact us if you want us to weave our SEO magic for your business.


An Articulate SEO Strategy Built by Experts

Aligning the SEO strategy with your organization’s objectives is our core objective. We identify the keywords that have a low search competition but a high conversion probability to enable the highest number of website visitors to come through organic clicks.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” That’s why we plan for you.

Astute When It Comes to Learning from the Competition

Though we have brought immense success to numerous clients, we do not shy away from accepting that we are still learning. Our expert SEO team picks up the best practices from the market competitors to further offer the best quality to our clients.

When you opt for the finest SEO services in Birmingham offered by Bharat Arpanet, we ensure that the bespoke SEO blueprint we develop is based on critical data like competitors’ SEO approaches, overall internet marketing strategies, and target keywords. This will augment the performance of your optimised website in search engine rankings.

E-commerce SEO Services for Small Businesses

Starting a small e-commerce business is difficult. However, growing it is even more challenging. Birmingham ecommerce SEO services offered by Bharat Arpanet power small businesses to the top of Google rankings and customers’ minds. Our tailored SEO strategy includes a detailed focus on Google Merchant Center, Amazon Seller Account, product categorisation, and reviews, so the right people see your business for a higher conversion rate.

Our team’s e-commerce SEO strategy involves optimisation using keyword research, image refinement, link building, meta tags, product schema implementation, and on-page and off-page SEO to reap the best possible result.

Birmingham ecommerce SEO services
SEO consultant in Birmingham

We aim to bring in the maximum returns for your investment. If we partner with you as an SEO consultant in Birmingham, we’ll ensure the highest ROI to help your business expand rapidly while building a solid reputation.

Powering Your Business to the Apex of Industry Achievement

We approach every project with the aim of laying a strong foundation for a long-term relationship. Our SEO firm in Birmingham focuses on results to help your business grow exponentially.

transparent work

Cost-effective solutions

We understand that financial constraints mostly limit the growth of small businesses. That’s why we offer our SEO solutions at prices that small businesses can easily afford and reap their benefits.


All-encompassing SEO tactics

Our SEO solutions are based on comprehensive analysis and anticipation of future challenges. To help your business realise its core goals faster, we also implement the best SEO practices.


Industry-leading expertise

You can rest assured that you are getting the best value money can offer as our SEO team has years of experience behind it, allowing us to offer insight-based services for the highest levels of customer satisfaction.


Latest SEO technology

As a leading and trusted SEO company in Birmingham, we are committed to delivering the best SEO solutions using our top-notch technology and methods.

It’s Your Time to Become the Leading Authority in Your Industry!

With our regular performance reports highlighting the KPI metrics, you can easily measure how our SEO strategy for your business is doing after execution. We’ll keep you updated with everything relevant to your company’s SEO marketing.

Have an SEO project requirement in mind? Don’t hesitate to contact the experts of the best SEO company in Birmingham. Give us your requirements and your intended goals, and we’ll take the reins from there while you enjoy Google’s top rankings and some cool beverages.


SEO is effective for websites for various businesses like e-commerce and services.

Our SEO services in Birmingham are extremely affordable compared to those offered by other firms. However, it’s worth noting that the exact cost of the SEO project depends on size, duration, scope, and type.

The average time for any SEO plan to show visible results is three months. But this may vary as the time taken to bring a website to Google’s first page depends on factors like keyword targeting, optimised web pages, content relevance, and domain authority.

Search engines are constantly updating their ranking algorithms, and hence, the SEO strategies that are effective today may not work tomorrow. Therefore, stopping SEO can cause a drastic loss in rankings.

Through SEO, you can ensure your company’s online visibility 24/7. When this happens, you will rank higher on Google SERPs and get more user clicks and consequently, more sales.