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Digital Marketing Strategy

5 Marketing Strategies Top Marketers Are Using Right Now

Marketers have been ultra-cautious about the kind of marketing strategies they use and implement in the process of their business.

Here is a list of top 5 marketing strategies top marketers are using right now:

Usage of Pre-Sold Articles to Help in Increasing the Conversations

Pre-sold articles are the ones which describe and give insights about a topic which relate to the products the company is into selling. They also make sure to answer each and every FAQ which are associated with the product. These articles basically help in showing the customers the benefits and advantages of using the product. These pre-sell articles have helped the marketers to almost double their sale page conversions in a very short span of time.

Optimisation of the Campaign Budgets

CBO (Campaign Budget Optimisation) is the current feature of Facebook. Currently, this feature has made enough buzz in the social media network. Facebook has the plans to move all of its campaigns to CBO in the long run. CBO very effectively uses the campaign budgets and then forms an important strategy to allocate the funds to the different ad sets at a particular time period. Through this, the user basically gives access to Facebook to actually either decrease or increase the budget for the Ad sets.

YouTube Grid of Ads

The process of implementing the YouTube Ads Grid comprises of three crucial steps which are:

A: Window Shopper: There is one category of people who are interested in buying the product, but currently just want to browse through the different options.

B: Shoppers In-Store: Users who are actually there to comparing the brands and the different versions of the product.

C: Checkout Shopper: Users who are actually ready to buy the product.

These YouTube Grid of Ads helps the marketers to create various Ads for YouTube for each shopper out there and then target the audience and make specific strategies accordingly.

Splint Ration of the Content

Splintering of the content constitutes of the process which actually takes hold of one piece of content, and then creates 12+ minions from them. These minions are nothing but termed as social media posts, podcast episodes, presentations which actually the same job.

This content is used to drive a heavy amount of traffic and engage each of the social media platforms, websites etc. This eventually leads to the growth of the customer base without even increasing the human workload.

Usage of Tracking Pixels

Tracking pixels have become very common and are actually code bits which are inserted in the website to give a proper insight into the browsing habits of the visitors. Eventually, the tracking pixels also help in tracking the campaigns which give insights about the performance and the total conversion rates.

The two main tracking pixels are:

A: Retargeting Pixels: They actually show the buying behaviour of the visitors.

B: Conversion Pixels: These track the sales which are derived from the Ad campaigns.

Hence, the above stated marketing strategies are extremely effective.

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