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Chat GPT

Chat GPT: Everything You Need to Know About the Latest Revolutionary Technology

Artificial intelligence has been a topic of immense interest for tech geeks for a long time. Imagine a future in which your fridge restocks itself, your car automatically arrives the moment you are about to step out of your house, and your daily routine work completes itself with a single click.

Maybe we entered too much into the story of I, Robot! Let’s not go down that path.

Such remarkable innovation does create a particular piece of technology from time to time that takes the world by storm. One such recent technology is Chat GPT.

Let’s make it clear – this blog has not been written using Chat GPT! Now that that’s out of the way, let’s proceed.

What is it and Why is it Becoming So Popular?

Chat GPT has become the talk of the town, with every other person giving their thoughts (yes, yes, we are included in that group!). But proper knowledge of the technology is needed in order to use it effectively.

So, let’s begin by knowing what it is.

Chat GPT: A Brief

Launched in November 2022, Chat GPT is a conversational AI-based chatbot used for generating content in a dialogue manner. The technology was created by OpenAI, an AI research laboratory founded in San Francisco in 2015.

It uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to generate chat responses sourced from textbooks, online articles, and websites. It uses the GPT-3 (Generative Pre-training Transformer 3) AI model to produce answers to user queries.

Features of This Amazing Technology!

AI is the trend in today’s era, and Chat GPT stands at the apex of this trend (for now, that is). The chatbot has been trained through two basic techniques:

  1. Supervised learning – The AI model was given an input where conversations were held by human trainers on both sides.
  2. Reinforced learning – The second stage involved ranking responses that the model created earlier. Using these rankings, ‘reward models’ were constructed to negate computation-intensive operations and fine-tune enhanced performance.

As a result, Chat GPT is now capable of performing tasks like the following, among others:

  • Generating Fluid Texts

Courtesy of its large stock of online resources, it can produce legible and informative texts across various styles, languages, and topics. It can generate summaries and product descriptions as well.

  • Analyzing Large Amounts of Data

You can give the chatbot large amounts of data, which it can analyze quickly and produce valuable information that can be utilized in your business strategies.

  • Writing Code and Debugging

The chatbot can also write relatively easy code and even debug it. It can retrace the steps taken by actual humans and generate actual programming code.

  • Write Creative Pieces

Chat GPT is also capable of writing creative poems and stories if you provide it with a few descriptive instructions outlining the premise and setting of the creative writing piece.

Some People are Apprehensive About the Tool

Although the chatbot has rapidly become a fad in various sectors, there are some of the opinion that the AI technology-based tool will replace anyone whose livelihood depends on creating the type of material that Chat GPT can now create (play dark, gloomy music in the background).

Not just writers, poets, and journalists, but people working in roles like analyst, salesperson, consultant, PR, and marketers will also face stiff competition from the chatbot.

That being said, Chat GPT is unlikely to replace human intellect in the near future since human creativity cannot be mimicked by any artificial intelligence (or can it?).

Leverage Its Power At Least Till the Sci-Fi Apocalypse is Upon Us

That is no time soon. Relax. The makers behind Chat GPT have also focused on giving the chatbot an angle of morality. The chatbot refuses to respond to inappropriate queries that pertain to things that

  • Could cause harm to people
  • Can spread fake news
  • Can proliferate gender, racial and cultural biases
  • Can spread propaganda material

However, it is not 100% foolproof and may sometimes generate responses that may contain inaccuracies and citations gathered from false news.

Hence, if we are using this brilliant AI tool for our work, let’s use it wisely and judiciously. Becoming too dependent on the tool can erase our mind’s capability, and without it, there’s nothing.

That’s why Bharat Arpanet’s team of digital marketing experts engrosses itself in first-hand research to develop a strategy that is customized as per unique business requirements, something that the Chat GPT chatbot simply can’t do.


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