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Facebook Ads or Google Ads

Facebook Ads or Google Ads : Which is a Better Option for Business Growth?

In the world of digital marketing, Google and Facebook are two big mediums through which massive growth and exposure can be obtained for business. But there is a burning question that advertisements on Facebook are better or the Google ads are better.

To understand the answer to these questions requires research as both of these platforms are important for business growth. In order to make the business grow, traditional and digital marketing campaigns are very important as they help to attract new customers and also increase the brand awareness that are important determinants for business growth.

To set the digital marketing budget, the companies require to know whether more budget should be for Google ads or Facebook ads as more investments must be made on the better one. For expanding the digital media presence it is crucial to know which platform is the best for business growth.

Every company wants to work on the best digital marketing strategy that will be the most beneficial for them.

Let us understand which is better for the growth of business Facebook or Google ads.

Difference between Google Ads and Facebook Ads

It is very much important to know what are the key differences between the two big platforms of advertising to get a better understanding of which is better for the growth of the business.

Google AdWords

  • The Google Adwords is the world’s largest and most trending PPC advertising platform that cannot be ignored by the various organizations.
  • When someone mentions paid search the only thing that comes in the mind is Google AdWords.
  • With the help of paid search, the focus can be put on the keywords that are targeted by a company, and through it, the text based advertisements are done.
  • Through Google AdWords, the various advertisers bid on keywords as they are wanting that their company’s advertisements will be displayed on Google along with the search results when a user will be typing those keywords.
  • The keywords as some particular words or phrases that are entered by users to search. When a user clicks an advertisement then the advertiser gets charged as it is pay-per-click advertising.

Facebook Ads

  • The Facebook advertisements are the advertisements that are done on the social networks that are also called a paid social.
  • Facebook has gradually become a very important element of advertising by organizations and also the platform has the highest number of monthly active users of any social network in the world.
  • Therefore it becomes impossible that any business would dare not to be on Facebook and advertise their products and services as the majority of the people are on this platform.
  • Through Facebook advertising, the users get exposed to the organizations on the basis of the things they are interested in and their ways of behaving online.

What is the prime difference between Google and Facebook Ads?

The major difference between the two platforms is that Google Adwords helps the companies in their pursuit of finding new customers whereas Facebook advertising helps the new customers to find the organizations.

Which is a better option for business growth?

  1. Digital Marketing Budget

  • It is vital to know the company’s budget that is set for digital marketing as then only the best platforms can be chosen.
  • It is the aim of generally all the companies to stick to their digital marketing budget and get the most output from it.
  • The answer to which platform is better for business growth depends on company to company as every company has its own set of goals and budget for marketing campaigns.
  • The first step is to identify the budget of the advertising campaigns and then the decision must be taken to choose the platforms for advertising that fits the budget.
  1. Research Costs of Advertising

  • By researching the cost of advertising on both the platforms it can be dervi9red that which platform will be beneficial for the business growth.
  • On Google’s Keyword Planner the research for advertising can be done.
  • Similarly, the cost of Facebook advertising can be compared with Google Ads and then the best option suited to the company can be chosen.

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