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app store optimization

App Store Optimization : ASO Guide for Google Play Store

Every day there are new applications being launched in the Google Play Store. There also the ranking of the apps is done which is a major factor in the visibility of the applications like the results appearing in the Google Search Engine.

It is important to understand the working of the application store optimization to increase the ranking of the application for more downloads. There are a variety of segments in the Google Play Store that range from lifestyle applications, games, personalization applications, and much more.

Daily there are over thousands of downloads that take place on the Play Store. If the application gets high visibility on the Play Store then the chances of the application getting downloads increase.

App store optimization is done in the Google Play Store and the Apple Play store. To get the application noticed there takes a lot of measures which can be done.

What is App Store Optimization?

  • The meaning of app store optimization is that it is a process through which application conversion rates can be increased and also the application visibility on the application stores gets increased.
  • The main components of ASO are traffic and conversion.
  • The working of app store optimization is also focussed on the click-through rate in which the people are to be convinced to click on the app store listing which can be done through App Name, App Title, App Icon, App Screenshots, and App Rating.
  • There is a direct link between the visibility an application gets to the number of downloads. The higher the visibility of an application the more will be its downloads.
  • Therefore to increase the downloads, the application owners take the way of App Store Optimization.
  • A correct ASO strategy is required in order to make sure that the application receives the maximum downloads.

The two most popular app stores are:

  • Google Play Store for android users
  • App Store for iOS users

The ASO Guide for Google Play Store

  1. Descriptive Title
  • The descriptive title has a major impact on ASO. Rankings can increase through having a descriptive title of the application.
  • The keyword that has to be targeted must be included in the title of the application.
  • In the Google Play Store, the titles are treated differently therefore if the application is on the Google Play Store the certain things must be kept in mind.
  • As only 30 characters are provided in the Google Play Store therefore extra caution must be taken to choose the words that come in the title.
  1. Proper Keywords
  • Keywords are very important as through the correct selection of the keywords the visibility of the application on the Google Play Store can increase.
  • Proper research must be done on the keywords that are in demand as the keywords help the application to rank in the top pages of the app store.
  • There are various online tools that also help in deciding the keywords that must be targeted for ASO. After the selection of the keywords, it is also vital to make the placement of the keywords correct.
  • The strategy of placing the top keyword in the application name works best for the majority of the applications.
  1. Application Video and Images
  • It has been observed that the video content provides more in-depth knowledge of the application that the application screenshots can provide therefore it is a must for the application developer to post high-quality application videos to give the users a preview of the working of the application.
  • The application screenshots are also viewed the most by the users before download as they give a preview of how the application will be and this increases the chance of the application being downloaded.
  1. Correct Application Category 
  • There are many users on the Google Play Store that look for applications according to the categories, therefore it makes it very vital to place the application in the right category where it belongs to.
  • The misplacement of the application might be the biggest reason why the application is not getting the maximum downloads.
  • Even for the high ranking of the application, it is a must to place the application in the correct category.

If the application is in the wrong category of the Google Play Store then the users can report violations for review.

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