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Instagram Engagement

Maximizing Instagram Engagement: Your Ultimate 2023 Handbook!

Several businesses have midas touch when it comes to Instagram platform. They take the assistance of social media marketing agency. They are updated with the latest tips for maximizing engagement on the top social media platform.

Do You Know Why Great Engagement on Instagram Matters?

Well, there are multiple reasons, but let us share two of the most vital reasons why engagement should be on your list to work.

  • The first reason is it enhances visibility. Ask professional businesses who daily work on Instagram as they know the Instagram algorithm uses a bunch of factors to rank the content and display it. If your business and competitors posting similar types of content then this algorithm of social media platform will watch out the engagement. The more higher the engagement the better it will rank.
  • The second reason is boosting the credibility level. When content receives the highest number of engagements compared to others, the audience gets comfortable watching that only. Audiences trust your brand more if your engagement on Instagram is better than others. We believe you know now how important it is to maximize Instagram engagement. 

Point to Note:

  • There are 1.22 billion monthly active users on this social media platform
  • The total number of active users on Instagram is 500 million
  • Research says 30 minutes is the average time spent on Instagram

Best Way to Calculate Instagram Engagement Rate

Before you consult the social media marketing agency to catch some tips, let us help you here in calculate the engagement rate of Instagram. 

First off, check out content interactions, such as Likes, Comments, Shares, Saves, and Stroy replies. Calculate in this way-

Engagement rate = (Total interactions/Impressions) x 100

Steps To Follow for Boosting Instagram Engagement Rate 

Never started a business on this social media platform? A well-seasoned business but don’t know how to increase the engagement rate? No problem. You come to the right place to know the tips. 

  • Engage on other Posts

Expecting others to like and comment on your Instagram post? Firstly, you need to interact with them by giving likes and good comments. The engagement is not about a one-way game. Share your thoughts on their post and support them more instead of giving importance more to your post. Ultimately, reply to their stories by asking questions or else suggesting something. 

  • Post Content at an Appropriate Time

If you have a lot of content it does not mean you can post at any time you like. This is an incorrect strategy to get engagement from the audience. What to do? With the help of Instagram Analytics, you can get to know when the target audience like and comments on your post. By knowing the time, you must post your business content or anything related to your business at that time. It is useful step for small business that should be taken. 

  • Work More on Instagram Hashtags

A secret formula to grow your engagement is using relevant Hashtags. With the use of the right hashtags on your post, it will reach to more target audiences and more audiences will drop their interaction on your Instagram post. A social media marketing agency will share all importance of Hashtags on these platforms.

  • Copy your Most successful Post

Take your time and see your past posts on Instagram. See which post was successful compared with the rest of the others. You can copy the same theme once again. For instance: your successful post was full of bold colours or had music. You can use a similar theme to get one more successful most. An easy way to have a huge engagement again. 

What’s more to know:

  • Take advantage of Instagram stories
  • Run Ads on Instagram
  • Work on short video content more
  • Catchy Caption that provides a huge engagement
  • Share user-generated content

Final Note: 

Like other social media platforms, Instagram is also ruling and is considered the #1 social media platform to grow business. It is better to connect with a top-notch social media marketing agency like “Bharat Arpanet”. We will provide excellent services on social media that can help all sizes of businesses to rule on social media platforms. It is all up to our team to make a strategy, curate content, and check out the analytics to present in front of you. You can focus on other crucial work. Grow your business with us today!

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