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Best Colors for Your Social Media Graphics

How to Choose the Best Colors for Your Social Media Graphics

Psychology is the major factor in describing your ideas, feelings, and clear message to the audience, which helps in website conversions. You should know your niche while targeting your audience, and it must be aimed to optimize your business efficiency by using the correct tools in digital marketing. This is something a distinguished social media marketing company can help you with.

The main focus is not on how you should promote your brand on social media but on how do we choose color psychology to leave a long-time impression on your audience. Colors can dramatically increase your success rates, while your overall choices of color for the theme page depict the engagement and interest of your audience.

What is Meant by Color Psychology?

Coco Chanel said, ‘The best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you.’

In the modern business world, the digital realm is a company’s runway, and every business design they share online must be on-hand and content recognizable. Some companies track the dressing sense of the public to keep an eye on the most trending hues, which can be further used as a tool for social media graphics in the business.

Color psychology helps in depicting human behavior and how it responds after seeing a specific color. It immediately develops an impression on the mind of particular interest. For example, studies show consumers take just milliseconds to form their views on your website’s visual appeal. In addition, color is powerful enough to elevate and evoke moods. However, if you have noticed that when we buy something from the supermarket, what attracts us more is the different color combinations and the way of packaging styles of the commodity irrespective of the fact that it is a known brand in the market.

Where Can You Use the Color Psychology Concept in Graphics on Social Media?

As social media is one of the most popular digital technology for promoting your business, new or established, you need expert guidance from a social media marketing company regarding the various color combinations to be used in elements such as

  •         Logos                                                 
  •         Headline types
  •         Borders
  •         Backgrounds
  •         Buttons
  •         Pop-ups
  •         Hero graphics
  •         Cover photos
  •         Product design
  •         Videos

Why Does Business Follow the Color Psychology Concept?

Color psychology helps in customer retention because with the smart usage of color combinations; you can see a boost in email sign-ups and a high engagement rate on your social media pages. In addition, correctly applying knowledge of digital marketing themes, logos, and color combination techniques helps to develop a great impression on first-time visitors to your site while nurturing loyal customers. Also, the contrasting color theme allows you to be clear and loud about your business ideas.

Including These Pointers Will Help You Increase Your Social Media Share

The three most potent colors that one must include on the web pages are red, pink, and purple. According to Neil Patel’s research, an 85% of high engagement ratio of people on your site to buy more products is the reason why these color effects are included. It helps to resonate with people of different cultures and places, which leads to an increase in their business promotion.

  •         Red, purple, and pink promote sharing.
  •         Green, Black, Blue, and Yellow all stop people from sharing.
  •         Highlighted color creates a focal point of your brand that will increase your business growth.
  •         Choosing the right kind of typography will lead to attracting more audiences.
  •         Include hashtags while writing captions; it makes powerful use of the high reach for audiences.
  •         Captions need to be short and interactive so that the viewer doesn’t realize that it is a one-way communication only that talks about your business market promotion.
  •         Color should be decided with a parameter of the site business, keeping in mind the logo color combination and the customers’ needs.

Colors break down barriers by instilling a sense of clarity in displaying organizational ideas amongst an overflow of distractions of gaining knowledge from various platforms. As a trusted social media marketing company, Bharat Arpanet provides you with solutions that use these features while applying them on your website or for social media marketing.

Here you can have a professional touch-up with the idea of using the correct vibrant colors and designs for your social media marketing campaigns. These can help you stand out in an oversaturated market and help you win over your competitors. As a result, you can resonate your skills better with the customer while adopting digital marketing tools efficiently.

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