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youtube tags

What Are YouTube Tags And Which Ones Should You Add?

The Ultimate Guide to Proper Youtube Video Tagging

YouTube tags are one of the most confusing things, and nobody knows exactly how to use them. There are generally two ways to add the YouTube tags to the videos:

  • Add the relevant tags which make sense
  • Use a process that is logical to add tags that make quiet sense.

Here are some of the intricate details about YouTube ads:

What are YouTube Tags?

YouTube tags constitute the words and the phrases that describe the video and helps in providing more context to help people find out the content of your channel.

Importance of YouTube Tags

In any YouTube video, the descriptions, thumbnails the title of the video are essential pieces to the metadata for the process of the discovery of the video. These form the first part of the information, which helps the viewers out there to decide which video to watch and which video to scroll and ignore. Tags are considered to be useful is the video content is misspelled. Otherwise, tickets end up playing a very minimal role in the discovery of the video. Hence, there is an insignificant correlation between the keyword’s usage in a tag and the ranking of the video.

As per a study, about 1/3rd of the top video rankings use keywords in their tags. This implies that the keyword tags are very less critical when compared to descriptions and titles.

Process of Adding the Tags to the YouTube Videos

Just before you understand the intricate details about YouTube Tags, it is essential to note the process of actually adding the YouTube tags, which is very simple and not definitive at all. Very commonly, while uploading any YouTube video, we all do this, but we end up having no sorts of hard evidence for the same, which plays a crucial in the growth of the channel. The process is as follows:

Set the Primary Target Keyword as the Very First Tag

There has been researching on 1.3 Million YouTube videos, which has found out a mini relation between the presence of the keywords and the rankings. There are a few out there who believe that YouTube does pay a significant amount of attention to the very first tag of yours. The official guidance of YouTube tags says, to use the phrases and words which relate to the video and make sense. Using keywords can act as a high starting point to promote the video. Hence, the primary keyword should always be used as the first tag.

Make Sure to Add Common & Relevant Keywords Right from The Top-Ranking Videos

Install the appropriate software such as the VidIQ browser or TubeBuddy and search for the target keyword on your YouTube channel. Then go on to open up 3-5 some relevant top-ranked videos in the new tabs. For example, of the target keyword of yours is ‘iPhone Apps’, and you have created a video which lists about 10-2- top apps. Consider and do not forget to add the relevant and common tags to the video.

The Best Practices

Here is a curated list of some of the basic advises for adding the relevant tags to the videos:

Do Not Overboard with the Cards

YouTube has no limits when it comes to the number of tickets. One can add any amount of tickets to their videos. But there is a limit on the number of characters which is 500. Just because YouTube allows you to add a total of 500 characters, it does not mean you always should do that. According to research, the sweet spot ranges from 200 – 300 characters in total.

Avoid the Process to Mislead People

Using tags to trick your audience into making them believe that the content is something when it is not the worst idea and goes against the spam policy of YouTube. This could eventually result in bringing your video down.

Avoid Adding Tags to the Video Descriptions

An example of misleading users can be placing the excessive cards in the story of the video rather than placing them as the tags when they are uploaded. YouTube does not suggest the individuals place labels on their video descriptions.

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