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How Google SERP Layouts Affects Searching Behavior

How Google SERP Layouts Affects Searching Behavior

There are numerous studies which have been conducted about how people use google SERPs (Search Engine Results Page), what they overlook and what they focus on. Some experimentation has also been carried out to test whether SEOs (Search Engine Optimisations) should continue doing the optimisation for featured snippets or not. Specially as google now announced that if you have a featured snippet, you no longer appear elsewhere in the search results Studies have been also carried out to find out actual user reactions and their behaviour with SERPs.

Biometric technology which measures physical and behavioural characteristics assumes significance for determining user reactions and behaviour with SERPs. Biometric technology combines the data from eye tracking devices, galvanic skin response monitor and facial recognition software and it provides useful insights into behavioural patterns.

Studies suggest that 8.6% of clicks account for featured snippets. Whereas, 19.6% go to the first natural search below. But when no featured snippets are present, 26% of the clicks go to the first result.

In the information based searches, it has been found that featured snippets actually attract the most fixations. Featured snippets are the first element that is viewed by the users and this is where users spend the most time gazing for the searches that the users are looking for.

In a nutshell, we can say that featured snippets are very important real estate within an SER, especially if the users are focussing on question based keywords and more information based search intent.

Another important element is “people also ask” (PAA) which offers an ideal place to find answers to question based search terms that users are actively looking for. It has been found that users after looking at a featured snippet skipped over the PAA element to the standard organic results. Findings also indicate that when a search with purchase intent is made, then the knowledge graph quickly attracts attention as it includes visible prices.

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