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helping tips for local business

Operating During COVID-19 : Helpful Tips for Local Businesses

Local businesses are the most convenient business model when it comes to community life. Local businesses know the pulses of community life according to which they serve, inspire and sustain the people and local traditions.

Here we will try to analyse local SEO (search engine optimization) tips that can make a significant difference the way local business can be carried out during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are a few tips worth considering:

  • Follow all regulations: Firstly, all local and national regulations must be complied with for the local city/town. As these regulations vary from one region to another, the local business must keep abreast of the kind of services that have been allowed for a particular location during COVID-19.
  • Have effective and accurate communication: It’s very important to send out accurate information to the local community regarding an essential or non essential service.
    This objective can be achieved by the following means:
    • Google My Business : The role of Google search for local businesses hardly needs to be emphasised. This becomes very significant during this difficult time of COVID-19.
    • Name: Fortunately, Google is allowing local businesses to edit their business name fields to display the offerings such as curbside service, take-out and delivery. For instance, if the current name is ‘Bhopal Hotel’ which can be temporarily edited to ‘Bhopal Hotel – Home Delivery Available’.
    • Phone number: If regulations require to stay at home, the customers can be still reached out via home or cell phone number.
    • Hours of operation: By using Google’s method of setting special hours, the actual hours of operation of a local business can be displayed. This option is especially useful for multi location enterprises.
    • COVID-19 update posts: Google has recently created a Google post type that is available in ‘GMB (Google My Business) Dashboard’. This is very helpful for providing latest information and the recent changes regarding the status of local businesses.

Website : Despite experiencing support issues, GMB is able to convey important information to the public. For example, a site wide banner on all all pages containing key information such as, temporarily closed, drive up service available on Monday/Friday, etc can be created. Complete information about how the local business has been impacted by COVID-19 can be displayed.

If a local business has a blog, it can be used to keep the public updated regarding the availability of products and services. New content can also be created about local resources for the local community in respect of all kinds of basic needs.

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