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10 uses for a landing page

10 Uses for a Landing Page and How to Build One that Converts

Landing Page is the page that the users get to see when they click on the search engine links or any advertisement of the company. The landing pages are developed for a particular marketing campaign and it is a standalone page that the users land on whenever they will be clicking the website’s advertisements.

The term landing page comes from the action of the user clicking on the link that it immediately “lands” on the landing page through email marketing links or advertisements that are posted on various platforms. The main aim of creating landing pages is much specified to call to action and increasing the conversion rate.

What Makes the Landing Page Different from the website pages?

The landing page is specially designed to cater to a particular marketing campaign with the aim of generating leads and call to action buttons placed on the page. Usually, website navigation is not there on the landing page. The landing page to the home page of the website will have a stark difference as the landing page will not be having more than 1 link.

10 Uses for a Landing Page

  1. Launch of Products/Services:

The landing pages can be best used for the launch of the products/services as they will increase conversions and increase the sale of the newly launched product/services. It has been seen that the landing page brings in a high volume of leads that will be beneficial to the business.

  1. Advertisement Campaigns

It is vital to use a landing page in the advertisement campaigns as without it the conversion rate of the campaign will not be good and a landing page has a call to action button that will help the customers to reach out for buying the product. As the consumer clicks the advertisement it will redirect the consumer on the landing page that will be having the information about the product and purchase button.

  1. Email Newsletter Subscription

Landing pages can be used to get email newsletter subscribers through the subscription button. Email newsletters are very effective tools that help to engage personally with the customers and provide them with the current product information and sale.

  1. Webinar Registration

In order to get webinar registrations, a landing page can be created through which the users can easily fill out their information and get registered. According to the webinar the information can be mentioned on the landing page that can be linked to the Webinar posts on various platforms.

  1. Linking with PPC

To get the desired results t is important that if a company is running a PPC then it is a  must to link a landing page with the PPC and it should be avoided that any page must not be linked with the PPC. The conversion rate gets increased if a landing page is linked to a PPC.

  1. Event Marketing 

Marketing of events can be done easily through the use of a landing page that has the call to action button for the purchase of the event tickets and this will also help in gathering information of the people who are interested in the event.

  1. Appointments

Fixing appointments can be done easily through the landing page being linked to the social media post that is targeting for appointments. On the landing page, the information in regard to the appointment can be filled by the customers seamlessly.

  1. Offer Free Trials

For providing free trials to the customers a specific landing page can be created that talks specifically about the product for which the trial is been given. This increases the number of people wanting to take the free trial of the products.

  1. Capture Leads

Through the use of a landing page, leads can be captured effectively. Linking the landing page with the Facebook advertisements increases the lead generation that the businesses are looking for.

  1. Consumer Database

Landing pages can be effectively used to get the consumer information to form a database for the other marketing campaigns. It is important to have a database of the customers that are interested in the products as they will be helpful in the long run.

How to Build a Landing Page that Converts?

Landing pages are very important tools for marketing and it increases about 85% of the conversions that come to the company. They are very impactful when used wisely with an advertising campaign.

In order to build a landing page that converts it is essential to keep the following pointers in mind:

  • Develop a landing page to achieve the marketing purpose
  • Brands personality should reflect on the landing page
  • The landing page should target a specified goal and the content should not be heavy on the page.
  • The page must load fast as it might lose people if it takes time to load the page.
  • Call to Action button must be clearly placed and direct.

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