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Everything You Need to Know About Pixel Tracking

Understanding customer behavior is the prime factor that shapes any marketing strategy. There are a lot of tools and techniques to understand user behavior. However, one of the most successful ones is pixel tracking.

For those who have never heard the term

A tracking pixel is an almost unnoticeable graphic with the dimensions of 1×1 pixels. It is also known as a 1×1 pixel or pixel tag. It is an HTML code snippet that loads when a user visits a website.

It is a part of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and shows you what happens after a customer interacts with your ads.

What is it used for?

Pixel tracking is mainly used for the following purposes:

  •       Website analysis – Pixel tracking helps gather data about which page a user liked and which page witnessed a higher bounce rate.
  •       Track customer behavior – Regular updates on how users interact with your website enable firms to modify their services to provide more relevant information to the end user.
  •       Online marketing – Conversion pixel is an essential tool in online marketing. Companies can form various strategies to direct customers to their products or services through its use.

Merits of pixel tracking

Some of the significant benefits of pixel tracking are

  1.     Retargeting – After you analyze the data from the conversion pixel, you can retarget a customer with targeted and relevant ads. These ads are much more likely to be successful since they are based on consumers’ interests.
  2.     Higher conversion rates – When users see customized ads for the products they search for, they are more likely to buy the product than the first time they came across the ad. Enhanced user experience leads to greater brand loyalty.
  3.     User-friendly ads and emails – Pixel integration allows you to restructure your advertising campaign according to customer activity to allow for more rewards. Ads can be tailored to customers’ focus areas for better profit realization.

Pixel tracking is a valuable tool to ascertain the source quality and provides a better understanding of the ad campaign performance. If you are offering a product or service, you need to be aware of what the user is looking for.

Bharat Arpanet provides you with the best PPC advertising services which utilize pixel integration to maximize your return on investment (ROI). We make sure you keep smiling after seeing your investment reap incredible yields.

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