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How to Increase Social Media Engagement

How to Increase Social Media Engagement: A Guide for Marketers

A social media account without engagement and followers is just like food without taste. There is no point in keeping ongoing posting on social media accounts if the posts are not getting the response or the engagement that is desired.

Social media is quite a buzzing platform where brands get the space to interact with their audience and also publish content to increase engagement and brand visibility. The motto behind getting more engagement on social media posts is that through it more people can be reached and the sales of the products/services get increased.

Once a social media post gets viral then there is a certain frenzy that runs on the internet which increases the popularity of a brand/individual. Encouraging conversations on the posts can be very much beneficial for the brand.

How social media engagement is measured?

  • The social media engagement level can be measured on the social media posts on the number of shares or retweets, comments, likes, followers, audience growth, click-throughs, and mentions (either tagged or untagged).
  • Tracking of the engagement on the social media posts can be done over time in order to know what audience is being exposed to the posts and other aspects can be analysed.

Let us have a look at the ways to increase social media engagement.

Setting a Base for Engagements:

  • The best way to kickstart your growth strategy is to first know the current situation your social media is in. From this analysis, you will get the perfect base to grow the engagements. Before setting a goal it is essential that you note down the current followers, average comments on posts, shares on posts and number of likes.
  • After this, you can start setting the goals where you want your followers to count to be and how many likes are to be targeted for every post. There are many tools available that help to track social media engagement activity on a daily basis or every post.
  • It is important that much thought is put into the posts that are put up on social media as the major brands always follow a certain pattern of posts or a general theme is followed in their posts.
  • To reach the desired social media goals it is essential to be consistent in the posts and stories as they will only help determine the engagement that a brand gets.

Getting The Best Strategy:

  • Strategies are a vital part of a business and also vital for the success of the engagement on the various social media platforms. Without proper planning, nothing can be achieved and in order to get the best engagement on social media, it is a must to plan posts.
  • In social media no hard and fast rule has to be followed as one thing that might work for a brand might not work for the other brand. Therefore every brand has to find out the strategy through which they can get maximum engagement on their posts.
  • Some brands make their caption very witty and engaging and others have their major focus on the graphics that they post and they are very aesthetic as well as engaging.
  • Through the posts on social media, a brand can post educational content about their products or services and posts that generate customer leads. It all depends on the goal that a brand has for their social media.


The audience is the King :

  • Without targeting the audience requirements no business can prosper in the market or social media. Knowing the audience is essential for getting high engagement on social media. If the audience likes the content then the brand becomes a hit or it is a miss.
  • Everything is determined by the response that the audience gives on the content that is posted online. Firstly it is important to know what is the audience that is viewing the social media content that is being posted.
  • Furthermore, the analysis will provide the age of the audience and the country the content is being watched in most. On the basis of this research, audience-based content can be posted which will be getting more engagement as it will be a more targeted content rather than just a general post.
  • There are many tools online through which the type of audience that is viewing social media posts can be found.


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