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The Most Trending Mobile App UI/UX Designs That Will Rule 2023

It’s the age of mobile apps. Whether you have a small business or a big one, a mobile app is a critical part of your service offerings to your customers. Since there are numerous mobile apps on the market, your app must stand out from the rest, and the best way to make that happen is by developing your app with the best UI/UX designs courtesy of an excellent mobile app development company.

But the customers’ demands and the trends in technology are constantly evolving. That is why companies must find new ways to cater to the customer’s future needs, make the app intuitive.

Key Features of an Unstoppable Mobile App

A mobile app represents the brand. It is a gateway to the customer’s relationship with the company in the forthcoming times. But, whether the relationship is short-term or long-term depends on how the app is made.

Here are some features that a delightful mobile app should have to keep the customer engaged:

  • Simplicity – The majority of customers are not nerds and techno-geeks. They are normal people who like their technology sorted and uncomplicated. An app with an excellent User Interface (UI) that offers an enjoyable User Experience (UX) is the one that will drive your business revenue. We will discuss the best trends in UI/UX later in the post.
  • High-quality performance – Nobody wants an app to keep loading. The world is fast-moving, and users want apps that are ahead of their time. So, your app must load fast and perform operations faster, making customers happy fastest. An experienced mobile app development company knows all the tricks of the trade to grant customers the best app experience.
  • Ultra-secure – Data is everything. From the moment customers start using your app, they trust you to keep their personal data safe from hackers. You should implement the best security tools and software for your app to maintain customer trust and market reputation and avoid legal lawsuits resulting from data breaches.

Time to Discuss the Top UI/UX Designs

While there are countless combinations of designs, we have shortlisted the following UI/UX designs that will help your app witness a dip in uninstalls and a rise in conversion rates.

  • Customization

Giving your audience a bespoke mobile app is possibly the best thing you can offer. With the help of modern technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence, you can seamlessly personalize your mobile app as per user requirements to provide them with an enhanced experience.

  • Voice Commands and Interaction

Virtual personal assistants like Siri (Apple), Alexa (Amazon), Google Assistant (Google) and Bixby (Samsung) all work on voice commands and contribute to better customer interaction with the app. Voice-activated apps score additional points over those that are not by delivering search results faster and managing devices on your IoT (Internet of Things) network.

  • Superior Animation

Things in motion tend to impress customers more than static images. With advances in technology that can support more animation, mobile apps that tell a story through animated movements will be widely regarded as the ‘best app ever’ by users. Make sure that that app is yours!

  • Rounded Corners

Well-performing apps on both Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store have one common thing – rounded corners. Reflecting the rounded corner design on most smartphones, mobile apps with round corner designs create a significant positive impact on UX, being smoother on our eyes.

  • Dark Theme

An ongoing trend amongst almost all apps offered, dark themed-apps are the ‘in thing’. Besides enhancing the app’s look, they enable the smartphone to save battery power by reducing the usage of light pixels and lessen the strain on the user’s eyes.


Make sure that your UI/UX designer keeps in mind the points mentioned here to leverage the full potential of your mobile app. If you are unable to afford the resources to make such an app, don’t fret! You can hand over the responsibility to a mobile app development company with extensive experience in the field.

Bharat Arpanet has a team of mobile app specialists working on the latest UI/UX developments to offer clients more than their investment’s worth. We have over three years of experience in mobile app development for both Android and iOS. We develop Native and Hybrid apps using the latest frameworks like Flutter, AngularJS and ReactJS.

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