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The Top 6 Email Marketing Trends You Need to Know for 2022

The Top 6 Email Marketing Trends You Need to Know for 2022

Email marketing isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, but it has changed greatly in the last decade. Just as we saw email newsletters and promotional emails become the norm over the past few years, we can expect to see even more innovative email marketing companies continue to develop trends over the next few years. These are some of the top email marketing trends you need to be aware of in order to stay on top of your game in 2022 and beyond.

1) Email Marketing Automation

Email marketing automation is something that you can set up once and forget about. The software does all of your work for you, according to specific parameters that you put in place, and sends out pre-written emails based on certain events or triggers. The best email marketing automation software automates everything from your welcome email series, through cart abandonment emails, and follows up with customers after they’ve purchased your product or service.

2) Redesign Your Website to Be More Appealing

If you’re concerned about how your website looks and/or whether people are engaging with it, you should consider redesigning it. Your email marketing company can help with that—and set up integrations to get your new site up and running in no time. And that makes sense: after all, what better way is there to revamp a site than by re-designing it?

3) Use Mobile-friendly Emails

In 2014, mobile surpassed desktop internet usage. Emails can have up to a 24% higher open rate on mobile devices, making it an important marketing channel that you don’t want to overlook. A simple way to adapt your email marketing strategy is by creating mobile-friendly versions of emails.

4) AI Will Take over Email Management

In the future, email marketing will be dead, because your AI assistant will handle it all. It’ll send out campaigns and keep track of performance, a far better option than people trying to craft effective emails in Outlook. Your AI team members don’t get sick or have bad days—they always produce great content and have impeccable timing. You won’t be able to tell that they aren’t human, but till then make sure to use human-based email marketing services for the best personalization.

5) Personalize Based on Customer Behavior

While it’s true that segmentation is an essential component of successful email marketing firms’ plans, they should also be looking at other ways to personalize campaigns. In particular, you might want to keep your eye on behavioral targeting. This approach is similar to demographic targeting in that it uses information about your customers (such as gender, age, and location) but instead of focusing on demographics like income or family size, behavioral targeting focuses on actions your audience has taken online.

6) Improve Customer Satisfaction Rates by Using a CRM Tool

The client relationship management (CRM) tool can also help you by providing data on your customers so that you can market to them in a timely manner. A CRM will monitor data such as purchase history, when they last shopped, and what they bought. So instead of sending out offers that aren’t relevant, you can identify people who haven’t purchased anything in a while and send them an offer they won’t want to miss.

A global pandemic has turned everything upside down and we’re forced to adapt. In order to stay competitive and thrive in the future, we must embrace these changes and use them to our advantage. Email marketing is where you should be focusing your efforts right now. Follow email marketing trends and email design trends in order to get ahead of the game, even if it’s only for a few months in 2022.

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