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Voice Search : What It is and Why It Matters?

Lately, a new trend is notably and way too extensively ruling the market. This new trend is none other than voice-only search. It allows the user to do net surfing without scrolling through sites on smartphones and laptops. And this new technology may user in new possibilities for the brands.

OK, Google : How Optimize Website for Voice Search?

Voice Search

Google voice search online is a technology that allows the user to speak into a device instead of typing down the keywords to generate results. Speech recognition technology understands the words of the users with extreme precision. Then it delivers the result orally. Although it’s not a new technology, it has started gaining popularity lately. Voice dialling and speech to text are excellent examples of voice search. One can use the facility of voice search anytime he/she wants despite his/ her situation.

Also, Google voice search online, Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, and Siri, each of them utilise voice search capabilities.

Voice Search and SEO Rankings

It brings in drastic changes in the user experience. Therefore, most probably, by the year 2020, more than half the online searches will be voice search based. Because of its extensive use, Google places more emphasis on voice search optimisation. The purpose of SEO is to provide exact ranks to the websites so that users can acquire the best information for their doubts and search query. So one can say that user experience is the focal point of search engine optimisation .

According to the records, there were almost one billion voice searches every month by January 2018. This hints towards the fact that voice search anytime is increasing gradually. However, there is a difference in the traditional website SEO and voice search SEO.

Fantastic Tips to Optimise Voice Search

Always Try to Write the Way You Speak

To ensure that in case of voice search too, your content gets optimised, work to use long-tail keywords that sound more natural as compared to the shorter, bullet-pointed keywords. The phrases should be quick and straight forward. Try to break down the information so that everyone can understand it very quickly. One must aim for the web page content that is somewhere between 1850-2500 words.

Website Loads

It is a tendency of Google voice search online to favour the sites that can load quickly. A site should be responsive and compatible with all devices. The files and images should be compressed and optimised, respectively. Also, try to reduce the server’s response time.

Concentrate on Local Searches

According to the latest survey, almost 22% voice search anytime queries are looking for location-based content. Therefore, if any brand invests in local content, brands can produce voice search content. A phrase like “near me” will be useful.

It is a known fact that investment in voice search optimisation enhances brand awareness, revenue, and online purchases. Try it out, and you would see a difference in the way you search! – Bharat Arpanet (#1 SEO Agancy in India)

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