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Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels : How Major Brands are Using Instagram Reels

Instagram has already taken social media by storm as it is becoming increasingly more popular than the other social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc. It was launched in 2010 and since then it has become the talk of the town and everyone’s favourite social media application that lets the user voice their opinions through pictures, videos and now through Reels as well.

Almost all the celebrities are on Instagram and they post their daily routines and much more personal stuff on the social media platform that gives the fans a peephole into their lives. Instagram had recently launched the feature Instagram Reels through which the users can post their short videos on the songs of their choice.

The newly launched feature became very popular as it certainly mimics another social media platform which spreads like fire and that is Tik Tok. On Tik Tok as well, the users can share their short videos and can add music to it which became the most trending social media application.

But Instagram Reels is giving some serious competition to Tik Tok and through this feature on Instagram the users are posting entertaining content. Let us have a look at how the major brands are using Instagram Reels.

Increasing Interactions with Followers :

Instagram Reels is a great way through which the interactions with the customers can be increased as videos are much more captivating than pictures. The attention span of the consumers on the videos is much more than pictures and it is very much addictive to watch Instagram Reels.

Brands like Nykka, that deal in makeup online retail, post various interactive videos on Reels that grab the attention of the followers and their videos get over 50k views. Short videos on Reels that are informative have become the trend on Instagram as the viewers get to learn also while watching.

Showcasing Product Demos :

What better can it be to showcase the product demos to the audience through Instagram Reels. Currently, it is in trend to show the followers the range of the products and also how to use the product effectively through the Reels feature on Instagram.

Sephora has been posting various product demos and user-generated content on Reels and they are becoming very popular with the followers. It is a perfect way to give product demos in a short period and also leaving a mark with the audience.

There are over 300k views on the product demos on Reels that feature on the page of Sephora. The engagement level with the audience is growing due to Reels as they interact more with the brand through this.

Collaborations with Influencers :

The influencers on Instagram are insanely popular and their fans follow their every move. It has been seen that brands on social media collaborate with influencers in order to attract the audience of the influencer to the brand’s page.

This collaboration with influencers can be seen on Reels as major brands have been posting Reels with them. Nike had collaborated with various influencers where the influencers had shown the various Nike quarantine outfits that became viral. There are other brands as well who have done collaborations with very successful influencers.

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Posting Tutorials :

Watching tutorials is a favourite pastime of many on Instagram Reels as many brands post interesting product tutorials. Huda Beauty has major followers on Instagram and they post makeup tutorials on Reels.

The makeup tutorials have become popular amongst the makeup enthusiasts as they can learn different makeup techniques straight away from the most popular brands. Popular food channels on Instagram Reels showcase various recipes that have been trending and attract a massive audience.

The audience of today are eager to learn and what best can be than watching various tutorials on Instagram Reels as it is not only a fun way to watch but also in a short amount of time the tutorial can be watched which otherwise be a long video which is not much preferred.

Posting Challenges :

The major brands on Instagram Reels are posting various online challenges that become trending and people start doing those challenges. This is quite a good way to increase the popularity of the brand on social media and it also is an attractive way to interact with the audience using the Instagram Reel feature.

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