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Visual Search

Visual Search : A New Trend in Online Marketing Services

Watch out for Visual Search : A New Trend in Online Marketing Services

The digital world breathes through images. Many times it happens that the users want to search something with the use of a photograph.

Here the role of image search comes. With the advent of the internet, users now have the power to search everything they want, not only with the use of words but also through putting images in the search to derive the search results they are looking for.

With the use of the image search, it becomes relatively easy to search and explore the things or topics of interest. Image search raises the importance of the use of images by businesses on online platforms such as websites and social media pages.

Visual search really helps with if a user wants to find a product but they don’t know its name, the can simply search the product through its photo if they have one.  The arena of online marketing is ever expanding as new features are being developed to make the user experience much more effective than the prevalent methods.

What is the relevance of Visual Search?

The online search that is done through the use of visual search engines is termed as the visual search. In this, the words are replaced by the image which the user wants to find about. This is becoming the new trend to search via images.

It has been observed that the visual search provides better results than the normal method of searching on search engines. Visual search aids the users to find things on the internet just through a picture. In the consumer retail market, there is much relevance of visual search as the search engine shows the products on the internet related to the image that is searched by the user.

What are the popular visual search tools?

Online advertising is being steadily transformed with the visual search element that will be gaining popularity in the near future for searching online.  Some of the best visual search tools are listed below.

Google Lens

The visual search feature of Google lens was launched by the company in 2017 through which the users will be able to search using images by clicking a picture or uploading an existing photo. There are many features that come in the visual search using Google lenses such as looking up menu dishes, adding events to the calendar via a poster, seeing directions, and much more.

There are many things that the user can explore by just uploading the picture which they want to know more about. Analyzing texts is also done by Google lens which makes it much easier to use than the normal way of using the search engine.

QR codes can also be scanned through Google lens and translation of texts can be done through it. There is a new world than opens up with the use of Google Lens.


The company launched Lens in 2017 before Google launched Google Lens in the same year. Pinterest is a social media platform that is very popular for searching for various things.

Images and videos are the core of the application which can be easily shared on the other social media platforms as well. Lens launched by Pinterest is an online and offline visual search tool that can be easily used by users.

Through artificial intelligence, objects are identified and then similar theme information is provided to the users. There are endless ideas that are present to the users through Lens on Pinterest.

The majority of the tool is used by the users to search recipes, outfit ideas, home décor, and much more. Through the Pinterest camera, pictures can be clicked which has to be searched about.

What is the Future of Visual Search?

Currently, the visual search feature is not being used on a big level by the users on the internet but in the near future, the trend of visual search is going to get picked up as it is relatively easier to upload a photo to find the details related to it. Visual search is going to be a big part of digital marketing done by businesses and it is the right time to embrace it.

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