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Why Mobile Friendly Website is Required

Why Mobile Friendly Website is Required?

“Mobile is the perfect example of what is enabling economic growth in the technology sector” – Max Levchin

According to reports doing the rounds on the Internet, clearly, there has been an explosive upsurge in the numbers of Mobile phone users across the globe.

Around a whopping 67% of the total population is recorded to have been using mobiles.

– Well that number surely is growing as exponentially as you read this article.

It is no surprise that we see so many people around us hooked up to their small smartphone screens all day long – thanks to the cheaper availability of the Internet on them!

Gone are the days when people just used their laptops and PCs to access the Internet. Now they can actually do it on the go with mobiles.

Thus considering this proliferating upsurge of mobile users, it has become imperative for the businesses to have their online presence felt pretty much vehemently and up their game using mobile friendly websites to tap the mobile customer base.

What does having a mobile friendly website actually mean?

Apparently, mobile friendly website would have:

  • Easy interactions
  • Easy navigation
  • Text with readable font
  • Faster page loading speed
  • Buttons and links which are touch friendly
  • A great user experience

Why do you need a mobile friendly website?

Certainly, if you want to have a successful online business presence, you need to provide what your customers ask for, and they ask for a responsive website they could access through their smartphones – well this is the modern day customer we are talking about.

Remember, you are bound to lose a lot of potential customers to your competitors if you do not have a mobile friendly website.

Mobile Friendly SEO

Even the Google gods recognize the importance of having a mobile friendly website and help your website zoom past your competitors to have a higher ranking on the search engines.

Responsive websites are more likely to have a stronger following of customers and thus crawlers see them in a very positive light and prioritize them on the search engines, thus making your website more available to its target audience.

Thus you can further avoid the “bounce rates” and “click backs” on your website increasing its credibility furthermore through mobile friendly SEO.

Mobile Friendly Content

Just imagine yourself sitting in your car wondering which restaurant to go for in your neighborhood for a peaceful meal. All you do is take out your smartphone, start browsing on the Internet and start checking out for options.

Obviously you expect the restaurant’s website to show up details in a very readable manner, helping you navigate through their images or menu for that matter with much ease, not having to keep pinching and squeezing your mobile screens every time.

This would generally lead to a greater user experience if your website is designed in a pretty much mobile friendly manner allowing you to navigate through each and every page from the smallest screen of your mobiles.

Well, as we even pointed out earlier, that a mobile friendly web design would include readability as one of the essential factors where the readers do not have to squint, but can read with more flexibility and ease.

Content has to be designed in such a manner in a mobile friendly website that it offers your visitors a great user experience making them visit back again and again.

Mobile Friendly Website and Lead Generation

Okay – this is no rocket science – a mobile friendly website = a happy customer

A happy customer = good reputation = more lead generation.

Well this equation is clearly the best one suitable for businesses desiring to make it big in the online arena.

Having said that, these days, customers prefer online shopping done from their smartphones at the tip of their fingers. Just imagine losing out on such a great opportunity by not having a mobile friendly website ready for these potential customers.

Note that, people would never want to visit a website which they are not even able to read properly or navigate from their tiny mobile screens, and rather go back to your competitors, who otherwise might have a mobile friendly design ready with them to grab the leads before you do.

So, what are you waiting for?

Buckle up and get going with a mobile friendly design for your website to grab hold of the various eyeballs lurking on their smartphones. Do not let the next biggest opportunity fail you by not having a modern responsive mobile friendly website.

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